Introducing Beauty Without Cruelty

Beauty without Cruelty offers a full spectrum of fashion led colours. Their unique formulations carry a dedicated focus on enhancing a healthy and nourished skin, whist maintaining a strict adherence to our 100% cruelty free and vegan ethics.

100% vegan, fragrance free, carmine free, talc-free powders, paraben free, peg, gmo, gluten, toluene, phthalate & formaldehyde free

The Beauty without Cruelty swan logo encapsulates their mission being associated with the deities of healing waters and the sun. Known for its grace and beauty the swan is symbolic of our mission to deliver beauty by the intertwining of natural elements in our product offering.

Beauty without Cruelty has a history that includes so much animal rights. After being founded officially in the UK in 1963 by BWC Charitable Trust, BWC began work on its cosmetics line. BWC’s goal was to create natural cosmetics that did not contain animal ingredients and had never been tested on animals. Katherine Long, a well known cosmetician and animal welfare activist, worked with Noel Gabriel to lead the organization in creating these products. Muriel Dowding offered her assistance to the organization after Long’s death in 1969 to stop it from being shut down. Later in 1978, Joseph Piccioni became the managing director of BWC in the UK. With his business expertise and dedication to animal rights, Piccioni helped lead BWC to launch its lines in the United States in 1989.

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Greener Beauty’s Thoughts

“With such a strong history of veganism and animal rights it just didn’t seem right to have an online shop selling vegan beauty products without including Beauty without Cruelty. We are so pleased to have them onboard!”


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